Lizzard (Single)

by R Travis Pierce

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    "Lizzard" is a new instrumental song I've been working on. I'm putting it together with a new and infinitely more awesome version of "Waiting Games", the instrumental version of "Off the Boat", and when you download the whole disc you get the backing track to my song "former" as well as the Lizzard cover art, both of which are SICK!
    The download is free, so get it and share it with people you know! Listen to it while you do what makes you happy.

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A quick release to let you know I'm still doing things. Cool things.


released May 1, 2010

Travis Pierce



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lizzard
currently instrumental
Track Name: Waiting Games
no lyrics as of yet. should change later.
Track Name: Off the Boat
Why is reality so unreal?
Slip into darkness instead of your bed
Over the mountains and into the valley
It's hard to imagine it's all in my head
Speak to me
Can't you see
It's a part of my soul

And I will fight my battles
And I will win my war
Until we see the sunshine
We haven't settled the score
But we keep on goin' on
Gotta run our marathon
They keep buildin' up their blind machine
Though they know what to say
Can't let 'em stand in our way

Tell you that you'll never know me
Baby, 'cause I'm always changin'
There is so much we've left to learn
And so much will remain unknown to us

But don't make a fuss