I Have Bad Days (but don't get confused, because i love life)

by R. Travis Pierce

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A 3-song concept EP by R. Travis Pierce
I Have Bad Days (but don't get confused, because i love life)

I've spent a decent amount of time with my 4-track and my computer (which is creeping closer to death every minute of every day) over the last month (or two?) putting this together.
The mic I used is a multi-directional, "Universal Microphone" that only plugs in through a 1/4" socket.
Realize, the broken feeling, while I'll admit is unavoidable due to equipment (though it's not bad), is intentional.
This album is about picking up some pieces that fell off, replacing some, building in other areas, and just leaving others as is. The title says it all: We all have bad times, but I like to remember that for any bad that we experience, there's still a lot of good throughout the world.
Lie back. Close your eyes. Wear some good headphones, or split your speakers left and right. This is meant to be heard.

(and when you download the album in full, you also get the cover art file)


released February 24, 2010

All Music Written and Recorded by R. Travis Pierce
Except for some voice-overs by Jarrett Langford on Gotta Move On



all rights reserved
Track Name: Gotta Move On
Time to go
What better point to start?
On my own
No finer way to part
You know my maladies
They all stem from you


Movin' on
Inside my head
Sit here and take it?
I'd rather be dead
You know I've got to move on
Find a muse who'll set me free
You know my maladies
They all stem from...


Beautiful girls, yeah
They're all my eyes can see
And better yet
They all want me
But when I think of them
My thoughts bring me back to...
Track Name: Galactic Opacity
Track Name: Bring Up the Bottle
Bring up the bottle
And then the neck you throttle
Listens too much and talks very well
Look what you're missin'
Have you forgot the mission?
Life's living great and under our spell

Problems, I've got some
The light remains bright
Everyone's looking for shoulders to cry on
Come on back, baby, and turn off the light
Lover, we're here for the night

Bring up the bottle
Dressed like a super model
Girl, let go and believe that you're you
Constantly breathing
Take in the white and riesling
Cover your smile when answering true

Bring up the bottle